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Meet the Staff

Executive Team

  • Shannon Evers: Chief Executive Officer
  • Liliana Prado: Chief Operating Officer
  • Melissa Pepper: Chief Development Officer


  • Chelbie Beagley: Outdoor Specialist
  • Wayne Word: Camp E-Ko-Wah Ranger

Community Programs

  • Karen Sandlin: Director of Programming
  • Christine Stephenson: Community Programs Lead
  • Brittni Kelly: Community Programs Specialist
  • Nicole Janzen: Community Programs Specialist

Customer Care

  • Stephanie Deal: Customer Care Director
  • Diana Blocherer: Customer Care Specialist
  • Tamela Haugh: Customer Care Specialist


  • Joe Snipes: Ranger/Facilities


  • Terree Cassens: Vice President of Finance
  • Angie Murray: Payroll/Accounts Receivable
  • Wayne Tong: Accounts Payable

Fund Development

  • Candace Kite: Donor Relations Manager
  • Alex Roller: Donor Relations Coordinator

Marketing & Communications

  • Koshia Silver: Marketing Director
  • Angela Brooks: Marketing Events Specialist
  • Jessica Lauer: Creative Design Specialist
  • Katelyn Kelly: Marketing & Communications Specialist


  • Shelly Jordan: Recruitment Director
  • Amanda Wion: Inside Recruitment Specialist
  • AnnDee Turner: Outside Recruitment Specialist
  • Brittany Carradine: Outside Recruitment Specialist
  • Carrie Davis: Outside Recruitment Specialist
  • Heather Delk: Inside Recruitment Specialist
  • Misty Breed: Inside Recruitment Specialist


  • Jasmine Buchanan: Retail Manager
  • Trish Patterson: Retail Specialist

Troop Support

  • Marci Corey: Troop Support Manager
  • Cera Perez: Cadette, Senior, Ambassador Troop Support Specialist
  • Emily Wells: Junior Troop Support Specialist
  • Gaye Jean Allen: Daisy Troop Support Specialist
  • Jennifer Ehnert: Mulit-Level Troop Support Specialist
  • Jessica Lamb: Brownie Troop Support Specialist
  • Lynette Blevins: Multi-Level Troop Support Specialist
  • Rebecca Johnson: Troop Finance Specialist


  • Ann Matheny: Program & Training Specialist