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Tis the Season for Year End Financial Reports! 

As the school year inches closer to an end, it’s time to start working on your Troop’s Year End Financial Report. All Troops, Groups and Service Units with a bank are required to submit a Year End Financial Report every year before June 30th. Below are some links to help you complete your Troop’s financials. 

Troop Year End Financial Report-Required Documents to be Submitted 

-Year End Financial Report Cover Worksheet 

-First and Last Bank Statements of the Scouting Year (June 2015*/May 2016) 

*For new troops, the first bank statement you received for the Scouting Year. 

-Copies or Originals of Receipts showing transactions made from/into the account 

Troop Year End Financial Report Link-Online Submission The link to submit the Year End Financial Report online is below. With this link, you are able to fill out your Year End Financial Report and attach up to five documents to the report. If you have more than five documents to submit, please send them to to be reviewed. 

Troop Year End Financial Report Link-Paper Submission If you would like to do a paper form, these can also be submitted via fax to 405 418-7999 or mailed/delivered to Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma Attn: Troop Finance 6100 N Robinson Ave, Oklahoma City OK 73118. The link to a paper form is available below: 

Once a Year End Financial Report is received, the leaders will receive a confirmation email from Troop Finance letting you know that the report was received and that it is: 

-Complete with no follow up questions 

-Incomplete and will include a list of missing documentation 

-Received but there are follow up questions that need to be answered 

Please be on the lookout for the Year End Financial Report emails so you know the status of your Troop’s report. 

Does your troop need some help figuring out all of your receipts and where to include the totals on your report? We’re here to help! Request an appointment to come in and meet with Troop Finance. Evenings and weekends are available with advanced notice. 

Appointments are required through Troop Finance at or (405) 528-4475.