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GSWESTOK council led events and curriculum are marketed using our council "lockup" not GSUSA "lockup" which is the logo with "Girl Scouts" alone with the profile faces. GSUSA branding can only be used on pieces that they approve and design. The following word document can be used for Troops & Service Unit events and activities. You will be able to put your troop number within the Trefoil and print or save as an image file to place on your flyer. If you're needing branding assistance or have any questions, please contact

Troop & Service Unit Trefoil

Be Your Own Boss (Cookie Seller Resources)

Cookie Recipes

"I Bought Girl Scout Cookies" Stickers
Hand out stickers to your customers after they have purchased cookies. It will help spread the word that others are missing out on the goods!

Operation Cookie Drop Poster
Use this poster at your booth to advertise to customers that they can donate their cookies to our military troops and Regional Food Bank!

"I Donated My Cookies" Stickers
Give a sticker to your customers that donate cookies to Operation Cookie Drop to say Thank You to giving to our troops!

SONIC Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Cards
Made exclusively for Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma, the local SONIC Culinary Innovation team put together special recipes for us to try out and for girls to hand out to customers!

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