Dear Troop Volunteer,
Thank you for working with us for your girls to receive their fun patch!  In addition to the fun patch, you now have access to a step-by-step curriculum for your girls to complete a Financial Literacy Badge.  Also, for an additional activity- you can make SWAPS about their work!  Just print off the SWAP file and add beads and a safety pin!
When the family completed the Family Financial Literacy Activity, they have  competed a part of their requirement for a Financial Literacy Badge. Please note that completing this badge is an optional activity for your troop. Badges for the completion of the skill set are available for purchase at the GSWEST Council Shop or online at:
Below is a chart that correlates the activity with the specific badge.
Girl Scout Level                 Activity Completes Badge Requirement               Financial Literacy Badge Curriculum Downloads
Daisy                “Differences between needs and wants”              Making Choices Leaf
Brownie                 “Learn what every person needs”                   Philanthropist Badge
Junior                      “Explore needs verses wants”                     Savvy Shopper Badge
Cadette                     “Budgeting for your values”                          Budgeting Badge
This activity provides skill sets for the following badge requirements:                                                         
Senior                    “Needs and Wants” for education (Step #2)        Financing My Future Badge
Ambassador               “Need and Wants” for fun  (Step #3)                   On My Own Badge
Thank you for your work with the girls. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about the program.

Most sincerely,