New Guidelines

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Overview of Steps

  • Complete one Journey
  • Build Girl Scout Junior Team
  • Explore your community
  • Choose your project
  • Make a plan
  • Put your plan into motion
  • Spread the word

Complete One Journey

If you have not completed a Girl Scout Journey, now is the time! You can choose either “It’s Your World-Change It!” or “It’s Your Planet—Love It!”. It is up to the individual girl/troop on how long this might take, you may take all the time you need to complete this.

Build Girl Scout Junior Team

This is a team that includes you and other Girl Scout Juniors who are on this adventure together, plus your adult advisor (this can be the troop/group volunteer). This team will be whom you will be working on your project with.

Explore Your Community

Do some research in your community to find out what needs need to be met. Explore your neighborhood, school or take a car ride together and make notes on what you observe and discuss with your team what you feel needs improvement.

Choose Your Project

Meet with your team and brainstorm together on ways you can make a difference in your community.

Make a Plan

Your team will need to organize your ideas and thoughts and create steps that need to be taken to get the project going.

Put Your Plan into Motion

This is the time that your team will need to create a list of tasks and deadlines and figure out who will be doing what. Ask others for feedback, especially your troop/group adult volunteer. She or he will make sure your project idea is complete.

Spread the Word

Congratulations! You and the Girl Scout Junior Team have created and carried out a project that makes a difference in the world around you! Now it is time to tell the story of all of your accomplishments. You can be creative by creating a scrapbook, writing a short play or creating a short film.