Junior Award

All paperwork/patches/pins for the following awards are organized by a troop leader or an adult volunteer.

Junior Leadership Journeys

  • Power of One, Power of Team, and Power of Community Awards, It’s Your World – Change It!
  • Energize, Investigate, and Innovate Awards, It’s Your Planet – Love It!
  • Reach Out, Speak Out, and Try Out Awards, It’s Your Story – Tell It!

Junior Journey Summit Award

  • Complete all three Junior Journeys

Junior Aide

  1. Find a group of daisies or brownies working on a journey award.
  2. Find out how you can help from the adult leaders in charge. Discuss ideas for at least three meetings.
  3. Work with the younger girls to complete their journey.

Cookie Activity Pin

  • Take part in the Cookie Sale

World Thinking Day Award

  • Take part in one of the special activities for Thinking Day

Global Action Award

Medal of Honor

  • This award is given to a girl who has shown presence of mine and a true Girl Scout spirit in an emergency.

Bronze Cross

  • This award is given to a girl who has shown extraordinary heroism or risked her own life to save another’s

My Promise, My Faith

  1. Pick a line from the Girl Scout Law and find a text within your faith that relates to it.
  2. Interview a woman in your own or another faith community who can talk to you about the subject of the line you chose from the law.
  3. Find three inspirational quotes by women that fit with your line.
  4. Make something creative that reminds you of what you learned.
  5. Make a commitment to live what you have learned by sharing with others.

Safety Award

  1. Find out what the most common injuries are for girls your age, make a list to
    prevent them by doing a home safety audit to check for dangers.
  2. Conduct an emergency evacuation drill of your home or where your Girl Scout meets.
  3. Find out how to read weather signs.
  4. Learn about bicycle safety and research why bike helmets are important.
  5. Go on a hazard – identification walk.