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Our Girl Scout High Adventure Team (HAT) does amazing things.  We have a rock climbing group that meets regularly at Rocktown downtown and takes regular trips out to the Wichitas for real rock.  There is a backpacking group that has been out to Arkansas and is planning a trip to Latir, New Mexico for some packing and white water rafting in the summer of 2014.  We also like to kayak and canoe, go to the archery range AND the gun range.

We have some great themed camps coming up – Wilderness Survival Camp in the fall and Zombie Apocalypse in the spring.

Get out of the mall and put a little excitement into your life that doesn’t include the next big sale.  Try on a different kind of shoe!  Become a part of your world; see what you are really capable of.  Get adventurous.

Girls must be a registered Girl Scout and at least 11 years old  AND in 6th grade.

We are also constantly looking for volunteers to go with us.  Must be at least 18, a registered Girl Scout, and pass a simple background check.

Email OKHighAdventure@gmail.com for more information

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