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Volunteer Toolkit

The Girl Scout Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) is a simple, digital tool for troop leaders! VTK essentially makes it easier for leaders to manage troops, plan meetings, download meeting plans and engage parents/guardians and girls.

All troop leaders registered for the current membership year, and placed in an active troop, have full access to the VTK functions. All Program Level Leaders are especially encouraged to give it a try! Your Troop Support Specialist is here to help if you have any questions. Parents/guardians have partial access to VTK - they can view their daughter's information and meeting plans. 

The Volunteer Toolkit lets you streamline planning and focus on the FUN of leading your troop with simple, online tools.

  • Guide girls through fun, girl-led activities with confidence! Get tips on what to say and do with girls.
  • Spend less time planning! Meeting plans include supply lists and printable pages and can be customized to include or not include different activities.
  • Customize and track events, meetings, and activities! Year Plan view lets you arrange your entire troop year at once and even export it to a personal calendar.
  • Get great tips and support from Girl Scouts! Resources tab includes helpful, concise pointers for working with girls and parents, getting out and about, and managing finances.

VTK can be used from any computer or electronic device with internet capabilities and is accessible under the "My GS" tab in the top navigation bar. Your login is your email address and member profile password.

Once you're logged in, you'll be able to see options to manage your troops and you can switch back and forth between troops - if you manage multiple groups. 


The Girl Scouts Leadership Experience (GSLE) programming is found on the VTK under the Year Plan tab. You can find help in navigating the material available below.

After you have chosen a pre-populated Year Plan that the girls have selected, you can set your meeting calendar to include locations, dates, and times. You can customize activities, delete ones that your girls don’t want to do, and replace them with new ones. The VTK also allows leaders to keep attendance and track the badges each girl earns.

Using the “Create Your Own Year Plan” is a great way to customize the Girl Scouting Experience to reflect how the girls have voted to spend their time together.

The most up-to-date programming for Daisy, Brownie, Junior and Multi-level (K-5) troops is available in VTK currently. More programming for Cadette, Senior and Ambassador levels is coming Summer 2018.


Since it is connected to the Girl Scout member registration system, the VTK allows all leaders to manage troop contacts and communicate with families. You can easily generate customized emails that tell families what to expect at each meeting. The email is sent from a “no reply” address.

My Troop

In this tab, leaders can manage troop contacts, track awards and badges, track attendance, and communicate with parents/guardians.

  • Click on a girl’s name to see detailed information like her address, birthday and phone number.
  • You can see a list of awards, badges and attendance in each girl’s record.
  • Manage memberships – new and renewal.
  • Verify who the troop has as approved volunteers.
  • Click on the email icon to email all the families in your troop at once or you may click on an individual’s email icon.
Year Plan

In this tab, leaders can plan out their troop’s year. Some features in this tab differ by troop level.


Organize Troop Meetings
  • The petal/badge and Journey Year Plans are organized by 15 meetings in default order. You can drag-and-drop these to reorder them.
  • Use the Specify Dates and Locations tab to set your meeting dates/times and troop meeting location.
  • Under Calendar, you can set meeting dates, frequency and times (make sure to add in any holidays that will change your regular meeting times). Click “Update Calendar” to save your changes.
  • Under Location, you can add your meeting location and address. Click “Add” to save your changes.
  • To combine troop meetings, you can organize multiple meetings on the same date.
  • Click on the troop meeting date in your year plan.
  • In the pop up box, click on the calendar and choose to combine meeting dates.
  • Choose one date for both meetings and click save.
Milestone Dates

Look for Milestones in orange to remind you of upcoming dates for council events, product sales, and other important dates you need to know.

Customize Activities For Indoors and Outdoors

In each meeting where there are outdoor links, you will see an evergreen tree symbol you can click on to see a choice between doing the activity inside or outside. Depending on what you choose, the activity will be customized to the setting (and if you choose to do the activity outside, the tree turns green).



Daisy, Brownie and Junior leaders logging into the VTK for the first time, will have multiple options under the Year Plan library:

  • 6-7 Journey Year Plans
  • one plan for petals or badges
  • one “Create Your Own” Year Plan



Cadette through Ambassador leaders will only see the “Create Your Own” Year Plan, as badge and Journey program resources are not yet available for these grade levels. Using these tools, girls can be more involved in planning their troop year.



Multilevel troops will have a choice of Daisy, Brownie and/or Junior levels to choose activities for. In the Year Plan Library, multilevel leaders will have the option of “Create your Multi-Level Troop Year Plan”. The multi-level experience, also includes three STEM year plans just for Multi-Level troops, in addition to the “Create Your Own Year Plan”… where a troop can select from all content for Daisy, Brownie and Juniors.

Using Create Your Year Plan
  • Choose what age levels you want (Daisy, Brownie and/or Junior).
  • Once age levels are selected, you can choose between Badge, Journey, Award Earning, Intro and Closing.
  • Choose your meeting plan type(s) and click View Meeting Plans.
  • Choose the meeting plans you want. Make sure if a badge has two meeting plans (part one and two) that you choose both meeting plans.
  • Click Add To Year Plan to add your meetings.
Combining Meetings on One Date

Combining meetings on one date allows multilevel leaders to have their Daisy, Brownie and/or Junior meetings on the same date.

  • Inside the Year Plan tab and click on the green-colored meeting date box for the date you want to combine meetings.
  • Find your meeting date and click on the calendar icon. This will open a box with the choice to Change Date/Time, Cancel Meeting or Combine Meetings.
  • Choose Combine Meetings and click on the meetings you want to combine.
  • Click Continue and use the calendar to choose the date for those meetings to occur.
  • Click Save and when you view your Year Plan, you will see multiple meetings on that date.
Meeting Plan

In this tab, you can customize meeting activities, delete ones your girls don’t want to do, and replace them with new ones.

  • Choose a meeting by clicking on the colored meeting date box. You must specify your meeting dates and location under the Year Plan tab to see your Meeting Plans.
  • In each meeting you will see:
    • Overview – Click on the overview to see a quick summary of the meeting you are viewing.
    • Activity Plan – Gives you details of each meeting’s activities.
    • Materials List – Tells you everything you need for that meeting.
    • Edit/Send Meeting Email -Gives you a scripted email for families that you can edit as needed to remind them of what the girls will be doing at that meeting.
    • Record Attendance and Achievements – This is where you can keep track of what badges girls have earned and who was at each meeting. It is populated into each girl’s information in the My Troop tab.
    • Meeting Aids – Includes worksheets, songs, and other types of reference materials you will need for meeting activities. If there are outdoor components to the meeting, you may also see videos to help you get girls outdoors.
    • Meeting Agenda – Lists all the activities for the meeting with the recommended times for each activity. You can change the order of activities by “dragging and dropping,” or delete activities by clicking on the activity title. You can also edit the times allowed for each activity. Activities with an outdoor component will have an evergreen tree you can click on to get girls outside with the activity.
    • Add Agenda Item – This is where you can customize your meeting by adding additional activities (like celebrating Juliette Low’s Birthday) to customize your troop meeting.
    • Your Opinion Matters! – For meetings with an outdoor component, take the time to do a quick survey to let GSUSA know what you thought about the activities. This will help them to continue to improve VTK with your input.
    • Add a Note – You can leave notes to the other leaders in your troop to see. Parents cannot view notes.
      • Select Year Plan to return to your troop’s year plan.

The Resource Tab in the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) is filled with helpful links and complete programming information for all levels, Tips and Traditions, and so much more.  Keep checking it out regularly.  The information available will continue to grow.


The Finance Tab gives you access to commonly requested Troop Finance Documents as well as another option to enter and submit your Year End Financials. The VTK  Financial Report is similar to the online Year End Financial Report found on our website, but when using the Finance Tab out of the Volunteer Toolkit, you will be able to view any Troop Year End Financial Report from previous years that was submitted via the Tab. While you may update the financials on the tab whenever you want, please be sure to submit ONLY after the final numbers for the year are entered. Once submitted, users are locked out of editing.


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