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Global Awareness Team

Global Girl Scout activities help boost a girl's awareness of the world through cross-cultural learning opportunities — and help her better understand important global issues, giving her the power, inspiration, and resources to make the world a better place. Juliette Gordon Low once famously said, “Girl Scouting and Girl Guiding can be the magic thread which links the youth of the world together.”

Global Action Day Patch

Every Girl Scout is part of a special group of girls that stretches not just across the United States, but around the world, which includes 10 million girls in 150 countries. All those girls, in all those countries, are working to make the world a better place.

Throughout the year, Girl Scouts have the opportunity to work together by participating in various programs that relate to different global issues affecting women and girls, all while earning their Global Action Days Patch.

Earn the Global Action Day Patch:

  1. Participate in the three events showcased as Global Action Days – Girls in ICT Day, World Environment Day and International Day of the Girl – or use the Global Action Days Toolkit to plan your own activities.
  2. After each event, complete the event survey to share your feedback and receive credit for the event.
  3. Starting in October, if you have completed all three activities, you will complete the Patch Submission Form to claim your FREE patch.

Global Action Award

In 2015, leaders worldwide agreed to work together to accomplish 17 goals by 2030—these are referred to as the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs or Global Goals for short. They focus on things like taking care of the environment, making sure all people have enough to eat, and improving people’s health. They’re big goals, but Girl Scouts know a thing or two about changing the world!

The Girl Scout Global Action Award calls for girls to address the Global Goals by discovering, connecting, and taking action in their communities and the world. The award shows Girl Scouts that even small changes that they enact within their own communities can cause a ripple effect to change the world.

This is an official national award, and can be worn on the front of vests or sashes, just like a badge.

Travel Opportunities

Girls learn more about Going Global through travel events from Trails & Tales, to Regional Travel, to Traveling overseas to the Girl Scout World Centers.

Be sure to check our events calendar for upcoming travel opportunities!

Toteable Topic Toolkits

Girls are able to make a Global Connection through Journeys. The Global Action Team has kits available for troops to check out to enrich the global component of the It’s Your Planet, Love It Journeys. Kits include instructions and hands-on activities that tie back to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Journey.

Volunteer Opportunities

Global Awareness Travel Committee Member: To help the Global Action Team plan our upcoming travel experiences for the next 3-5 years, be on rotation to chaperone travel experiences and help present at information nights regarding travel opportunities. Travel opportunities may include: weekend trips in, or near, Oklahoma; week long trips outside of Oklahoma; or two week international trips. Enthusiasm for travel, experience working with girls, a Girl Scout membership and clear background check needed. (Applications will be required for volunteers wanting to chaperone travel events).

Global Awareness Curriculum Streamlining Committee Member: To help the Global Action Team finish the creation of the Toteable Topic Toolkits by coming up with hands on activities that include global components that go along with existing Journey Curriculum. Volunteers need to be able to work on their own while checking in with their team and hitting committee set deadlines.

Global Awareness Events Committee Member: To help the Global Action Team find cultural community partners around the state of Oklahoma to provide workshops and events for Girl Scouts that give girls a chance to find out more about other cultures. May also be needed to help “staff” the events.