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STEM training

Girls are natural scientists—they push boundaries, test limits, and look at the world around them with inquisitive eyes.

Every girl deserves the chance to explore the fascinating world of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). We’ve designed activities and experiences for girls so they can discover what they care about and decide how they will change the world.

STEM experiences are framed within the context of leadership: as girls participate in Girl Scouting, they develop leadership skills to make the world a better place. Research shows girls are more interested in STEM careers when they know how their work can help others.

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience engages girls through the three Girl Scout processes - girl led, learning by doing, and cooperative learning.

Girls earn cool badges and patches to recognize their accomplishments!


STEM Curriculum


Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation, administered by Oklahoma EPSCoR, we bring STEM Kits in a Box to girls of all grade levels, Daisy through Ambassador! Each kit series contains three to five STEM kits for girls and includes step-by-step instructions for volunteers. Each kit provides age-appropriate and girl-relevant topics. Girls who complete the kit series on their level will earn the STEM patch along with their age level rocker! View the EPSCoR STEM Kit Level Descriptions


In order to receive your STEM patch, you must complete the provided pre- and post-survey! The pre-survey must be completed before starting the kit series. Once finished with the kit series, complete the post-survey for your level.

Devon STEM Kits

We are proud to welcome Devon Energy as our official corporate sponsor for our GeoScience program. Through our partnership with Devon, we are offering our girls a one-of-a-kind geology- and engineering-focused STEM Kits in a Box program. We will also be able to offer girls a better understanding of STEM education and careers in the industry. The “Devon GeoScience Program” kits will provide hands-on activities that are age appropriate and personalized specifically for each Girl Scout program level. The kits will also include detailed instructions to assist our volunteers and leaders as they work through each activity. This exciting new STEM curriculum will engage girls in topics like geology and topography. After girls complete each age level kit series, they will receive a "Terra Trooper" patch along with their age level rocker! View the Devon STEM Kit Level Descriptions


In order to receive your Terra Trooper patch, you must complete the provided pre- and post-survey! The pre-survey must be completed before starting the kit series. Once finished with all the activities, complete the post-survey for your level.

You will send the completed surveys back with the kits. To request your patches, please email

GoldieBlox STEM Kits

Through the partnership of GSUSA and GoldieBlox™, we are offering girls the opportunity to hone their mechanical engineering skills. Our GoldieBlox Mechanical Engineering STEM Kits allow Daisies and Brownies to earn 3 different badges each. Daisies can earn the Board Game Design Challenge, Model Car Design Challenge, and Roller Coaster Design Challenge badges while Brownies can earn the Fling Flyer Design Challenge, Leap Bot Design Challenge, and Race Car Design Challenge badges. All 3 badges can be earned in just one kit!

The kits include detailed instructions straight from Volunteer Toolkit as well as resources to assist you in providing an amazing STEM experience for girls.

Universal STEM Activities

Need a fun STEM activity for your next event or troop meeting? GSWESTOK has provided a list of tried-and-true STEM activity ideas that are sure to impress! These are universal activities that can be instructed during group workshops, events, or multilevel occurrences. A detailed curriculum outline can be provided upon request. Please contact our STEM coordinator for any further questions or concerns.


STEM Kit Checkout

Please reserve a kit at 48 hours before needed.

  1. Select the STEM kit you would like to check out.
  3. Fill out the form & submit.
  4. The STEM Coordinator will email you a checkout confirmation once the kit is available & ready for pickup.
  5. Once the STEM Kit is ready, it can be picked up at the Council Office front desk. At this time, you will sign the checkout agreement & pay the STEM Kit deposit.
  6. STEM Kits are due back to the Council Office two weeks after pickup.



Girl Scouts put the “geek” in Geekapalooza! Dress up as your favorite “geek” and join us in our annual STEAM festival, including robotics, geoscience, forensic science, engineering model cars and more!

You never know what you’ll see or what you might find at Geekapalooza! For registration and more information go to our events page!