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The 2014 Fall Product Sale

Through the Fall Product Sale, family and friends can purchase their magazine renewals/new subscriptions, photo keepsake items or nut & candy items all while supporting Girl Scouting. The goal of the Fall Product Sale for GS-Western Oklahoma is to enrich the leadership experience for girls.  The Fall Product Sale encourages reading and the entrepreneurial spirit of business planning.  Any troop or girl may participate in the Fall Product Sale. The program gives girls the opportunity to earn funds for their troop, finance their Girl Scout experience and learn valuable life skills.  Each participating girl will be given a sales packet to take home and share with her family and friends.

How Does the Fall Product Sale Work?

There are 3 components to the 2014 Fall Product Sale. 

1.  Online Sales of Magazines, Photo Keepsake Items and Nut & Candy Items

Starting September 1, girls may set up their online accounts and begin sending emails. Through these emails, family and friends may order magazines, photo keepsake items and nut & candy items online!

Participating girls along with a parent/guardian, may log on to, scroll down and click on the blue “Magazines/Photo Keepsakes/Nut Online Program” button to register and start sending emails.
Girls earn a special patch for sending 12 or more emails!
All magazine, photo keepsake and nut & candy orders placed online by October 26 as a result of these emails earn troop proceeds for the troop and apply to recognition levels for the girl.

  • Online magazine subscription orders will sent directly to the recipient specified.
  • Customers purchasing a photo keepsake item online will indicate which item they would like to purchase & pay online. Then, they will receive an email with instructions and a link to the site where they will build their photo keepsake.
  • Online nut & candy orders will be shipped directly to the customer & the customer will be charged a shipping fee at the time of the order.
  • Online magazine orders, online photo keepsake orders and online nut & candy orders are processed very quickly, and there are no forms to fill out or money to collect!

2. Paper Order Forms for Magazine & Photo Keepsake Sales (For Family and Friends without internet)

  • Use the same paper order form for both magazines and photo keepsakes.
  • Customers who order photo keepsakes on the paper order form will be mailed a certificate that will give them access and instructions on how to go about building their photo keepsake.
  • Make sure written orders are legible and include all address information – girls give pink copy of the order form to the customer.
  • Money for the subscription/item is collected at the time of the order.
  • Magazine/Photo Keepsake order forms are turned in to the troop leader (white and yellow copies) along with money.
  • Troops receive 10% of the total of all magazines and Photo Keepsakes ordered (either online or by paper orders.)

3.  Paper Order Card for Nut & Candy Sales

  • Fill out the order card with complete customer information.
  • Girls collect money at the time of the order.
  • Nut & candy orders placed directly with the Girl Scout on her order card are delivered to customers by the Girl Scout and DO NOT require the customer to pay a shipping charge.
  • Online nut & candy sales will be shipped directly to the customer & the customer will be charged a shipping fee at the time of the order.
  • A copy of the order card is turned in to the troop leader along with the money. The original order card is kept by the girl to deliver nut & candy orders.

Troops receive $1.00 per nut & candy order.