Volunteer Opportunities

Different Ways to Volunteer


Through the troop experience, girls grow together in Girl Scouts. Troop leaders and assistant leaders provide the leadership to help girls grow – by organizing trips, cookie sales, community service projects and a host of other troop opportunities.


Events and Programs are planned year round throughout the council area. They can be local, regional, or council-wide events. Some of the events are planned by the council while others are planned by troops, service units or districts. Whether it is planning an event or just volunteering at one events are a great way for volunteers who want to only volunteer once in a while.


Summer camps and outdoor education is a big part of Girl Scouts today. Every spring and summer, GS-West hosts resident and day camps at various locations throughout our 39-county service area. Volunteers are often needed for these programs.


The Series pathway gives girls the opportunity to do something that interests them for a short period of time. Girls participate in a series of programs with the same group of girls relating to a specific theme or purpose. Volunteers are always needed to help the High Adventure team and teach girls about Science just to name a few.


The travel pathway is a girls chance to explore new places and cultures, sample food and languages, and be the person they aspire to be. Girls can Discover their inner strength, values and new skills as they look at the world from a different point of view. Travel can be across the world or across the state. Volunteers are always needed to plan trips, go on trips or even offer advice on locations.